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Ronin Trucks:
Cast Silver Hanger Silver Base Plates
Ronin Trucks:<br> Cast Silver Hanger Silver Base Plates
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Sold As: Set of 2
Brand: Ronin
Product Type: Trucks
Truck Width: 180mm
Baseplate Angle: 42 degrees

Ronin Cast Longboard skateboard Trucks by World Champion Speed record holder Mischo Erban- Set of 2
Features unique support pin technology.

Boasting an almost identical geometry to our precision line of trucks, Ronin casts feature a big amount of rake, our patent pending SupportPin™ and a 42.5° baseplate angle! Ronin cast trucks also feature a lower profile kingpin and “standard” short kingpin nut and a radiused top edge for grindability without kingpin hang-up.

All parts of the Ronin family are 100% interchangeable! Precision baseplates and cast hangers? Cast baseplates and precision hangers?

Also something new, we have some updated warranty info to account for all the new Ronin compatible bushings being released by other companies. Some people might not like the extremely high rebound our stock bushings provide. That’s ok, we’re not mad at you! Surely though, there has been problems running bushings from other companies, particularly from the “freeride” crowd. If you’d take notice, you’ll see that our trucks come packaged stock with a thicker-than-normal machined aluminum cupped washer on the top bushings. When you switch to a less active bushing formula, it’s easy to lean too far and the washer will hit the hanger, causing all that force to pull up on the kingpin. If you feel a mechanical stop or see marks on the hanger from the washer hitting it, STOP RIDING YOUR TRUCKS THAT WAY! Please, flip your cupped washer over and use it as a flat washer and/or bump up your bushing durometer. 

In short: If you like your trucks loose, and your bushings mushy; please flip your cupped washer. 

-The Ronin Precision Trucks team


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Amazing. These trucks are AMAZING. They turn better than any other cast trucks ever. I even like them better than savants. These trucks come with the fruit punch bushings which are great for freeriding. But for downhill I recommend getting the iced tea bushings. I went downhilling on these and got mad speed wobbles in a corner and wiped out getting a concussion and road rash. I tightened the trucks down too much which caused them to be jittery. When I initiated that turn they got all shaker and I fell. Good thing I had my helmet on! DON'T OVER TIGHTEN BUSHINGS. GET A HARDER DURAMETOR
Sam A
The name says it all!
Okay these trucks are amazing and I don't really need to go into much detail why, just read the other comments. The only thing I would like to comment on is bushings! MAKE SURE YOU SETUP THESE TRUCKS. These trucks are not meant to throw random spare bushings on, you need to tweak these until they fit you best. They ride different then calibers and randels for a reason. Little changes really effect your ride here. I would recommend these to everyone but please make sure you tweak with these trucks before you complain that they are twitchy! Best trucks for the money in my opinion!
best under 100$ trucks
Son los mejores ejes que puedes encontrar por menos de 100 dolares, e incluso mejores que algunos de precision
Thayne T
Twitchy Bastards
Though I like how these turn and feel for freeriding, I think they are twitchy at high speeds, a feeling I'm not down with. To each their own but when this is a typical characteristic of the truck, I don't consider it to be comforting when going 40mph. I'm looking for something else in my DH trucks other than paranoia so I'll keep looking.
Brennen S
The best cast truck out there
These trucks may be more expensive than most cast trucks, but it is totally worth it. These trucks are way more durable than any truck I have ever ridden. They hit curbs and trees and rocks and are still perfectly straight. Also, the tall bushings make this truck turn like a 50 degree truck, but they have the stability of a 42 degree truck. This makes freeride and downhill so much more fun, and stable. Overall I think if you have the money, they are the way to go.
Tyler R
Rock steady
These trucks are by far my favorite trucks for any discipline of longboarding. The rake in them is insanely nice, but it can cause the trucks to be twitchy at high speeds if you aren't fully accustomed to the leany divy nature of the trucks. I haven't bent the hangers at all yet, which is surprising because every other set of cast RKP trucks I've had (Paris, Gunmetal, Caliber) have bent noticeably within a month or two of thrashing them. I've used them for freeride, dancing, freestyle, and downhill and they've fit the bill perfectly every time.
Game Changers
Where do you start with Cast Ronins? They have a smooth surfy feel, they're easy to turn, and they're great for freeride & DH. An aftermarket pivot tube is a necessity of you want to get maximum performance with them. They take a few sessions to get accustomed to; after that they're smooth sailing. They're not my favorite trucks for lower speeds (Paris fit that bill), but for higher speed mobbing and freeride, they're the best I've tried.
Ethan B
Stable, leany, and durable!
These trucks are about as close as you can get to precision without actually being precision! The support pin is amazing at higher speeds and i cant definitely feel a difference going 40mph on these opposed to my bear 852's. The stock bushings are great and i love the fact that they are tall, the extra lean and surfy style feel you get out of them makes them super fun for freeride! The only thing i would suggest is to buy a different pivot tube because the stock delrin ones dont last too long and arent as great as say Riot or Venom pivot tubes. Otherwise these are all i would look for in a cast truck, very much worth the money too!
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