Pantheon Longboard Deck: Nexus DT 36

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Pantheon Nexus Longboard Skateboard Deck

The Nexus is our take on the best version of the double-drop deck. The platform is dropped a total of 1 inch, and the deck is also drop-through making this board extremely low to the ground. This effectively lowers the center of gravity, adding stability to the ride at speed and also assisting in easier release of traction for pulling slides. This is absolutely downhill-able, absolutely freeride-able, and absolutely easy-pushable. That's why it's called the frickin Nexus. It's the connection point between a bunch of styles of skateboarding, and it will connect you to where you want to go. 


We consider the double-drop a staple in any riders quiver, from pro-level skaters to novices. The one thing we all have in common, no matter what level we skate at, is the necessity for movement via skateboard. Lowering the platform to this level makes riding easy, and sometimes that perception of effort can be the difference between your deciding to take your board with you vs. some other means of transport, and here's the kicker: You're ALWAYS going to be glad you took your board! So if this deck is one thing over anything else, it makes skateboarding easy, and that's awesome, because sometimes you just don't feel like trying that hard, and on the Nexus, you don't have to.


There is a lot of design that went into this board. We are pushing wood bending to the max, but it's not just to show off. The Nexus is designed to ergonomically cup your feet in a way that you can comfortably and controllably push in forward stance, lock into in downhill stance, and control and maneuver during freeride like you've never experienced. The fork nose makes this deck smaller and less intrusive, but you can also drag it behind you up the hill or through the 7-Eleven on its wheels rather than picking it up and rubbing the griptape on your pants or arm. Yea, the fork design puts you