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Pantheon Harbinger Longboard Skateboard Deck

The Harbinger is a unidirectional hill rider. Ride it straight down, throw it sideways. Hands up, hands down, whatever. A mild taper provides rail feel for the back foot, and 1/8" crescent shaped micro drops combine with concave to cup the front foot on both sides to get you locked in without feeling restricted, and the drop works with the back foot especially on toeside slides by providing a small angular shelf to push on. 

The #Pantheontribe is stoked as hell on the Harbinger, and you should be too. The shape is a culmination of what we learned from our decks over the entire year combined with the collective critique from the riders who've been pushing our decks to the absolute limit all year long. The guys who are riding the fastest are asking for taper, plain and simple. When you're blasting 50mph and you need to move your rear foot around, well, the goal is to not have to move your rear foot around, isn't it...that's the whole point.

This deck is 9-ply. Fully race-stiff, just like our La Luz, but in a unidirectional shape with classic lines that are both stylish and ergonomically set up to fit your tuck. The deck is stiff and responsive while still retaining agility without being overly heavy. The shape is cut out of the classic Logos mold. For those of you who have ridden it, you know how special it is.

We are keeping the details more limited for the Harbinger. It's a speed board, and we are forcing you to ride it as such. None of this 23-inch wheelbase crap. The wheelbase is 25-27.25". We've set up the front with 2 options so combine the microdrop with truck placement to get just right right feel, and the rear has several options to help you dial in the final wheelbase. We have adjusted the wheel wells to make them deeper and more uniform for maximum wheel clearance. 

Graphic by Eddie Kihm

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