ABEC11 Longboard Wheels: Freerides Offset 64mm 81a Amber

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Abec 11 64mm SG FreeRides – Classic Formula

These brand new 64mm FreeRides with our stone ground finish will leave golden lines of thane right out of the box! They feature our wide “FreeRide Core” that provides extra support to keep them amazingly stable and smooth while sliding. They also feature our legendary classic 81a amberthane, which results in a smooth, fast and drifty wheel that won’t let you down. Set these up on your favorite small-sized freeride or cruising board and you’ll be one very happy camper.

  • Wheel Diameter: 64mm
  • Contact Patch: 37mm
  • Bearing Seat: Offset
  • Wheel Width: 43.5mm
  • Lip Profile: Thick, Round
  • Urethane Formula: Abec 11 Classic Amberthane (Stone Ground)
  • Duro: 81a