Bear Skateboard Trucks: Polar Bear 155mm Silver

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Bear Standard Skateboard Trucks: Polar Bear 155mm



Bear couldn't be more excited about releasing the long awaited Polar Bears.


Bear has been working with team riders designing and engineering this regular geometry truck for two and a half years. We've been through 34 revisions along with 5 sets of moulds and prototypes. No part of the truck was overlooked.


The Baseplate
- Featuring 8 holes, so you're able to mount your truck right where you want it when riding a board with old school or new school hole pattern. 
- All mounting holes are accessible with a skate tool 
- Low Profile, only 2" from the surface to the center of the axle. Grizzlies are 2.6"
- Added material to impact areas where more meat is needed, in front of the pivot cup and behind the bushing seat.
- Removed material from the bottom of the base plate to reduce weight
- Allows for top mount or drop through mounting

The hanger 
- Extensive computer modeling and physical tests were done to engineer the strongest hanger on the market. 
- Gussets were added on the underside of the hanger to ensure strength in all directions
- Material removed from the front of the hanger to reduce weight
- Shaped around the top bushing so that the washer doesn't hit the hanger and ens