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Blood Orange Bushings: Ultra HR Cone 92a Yellow Set

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Blood Orange Bushings Ultra Cone 2pack

Blood Orange Bushings has been working with Caliber since the beginning of our truck design process. Their premium, American-made urethane has proven to us and our riders to be superior to what you'll find in other skate bushings. While Caliber trucks are strong, they can't perform without a good feel--Blood Orange Bushings are the ultimate solution for that.

In 2012, Blood Orange has been hard at work to see if they could out-do their previous formula. Through strenuous testing, they've found an ultra-high rebound urethane that doesn't lose its uniform leaning properties. This is essential for downhill stability while holding turns at mach 10 speeds. As of this summer, we are now shipping all of our trucks with the new 89A formula. Your favorite truck now feels even better!