Cloud Ride

Cloud Ride Wheels Freeride 70mm 80a

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Cloud Ride! Freeride Wheels were designed as a well rounded (pun intended) freeriding wheel. The wide contact patch and offset core make this wheel grippy out of the box. Once you break these babies in the 83a hardness will allow you to execute predictable drifts and buttery slides. Once broken in these wheels leave crazy huge amounts of lines on the road, showing anyone and everyone how hard you have shredded.  Nerd out on the specs below to get the full picture of what these wheels are all about!

Sold as: Set of 4
Wheel Size: 70mm
Durometer: 80a
Contact Patch: 55mm
Bearing Mount: Offset
Roadside Chamfer: 75 degrees
Boardside Chamfer: 90 degrees