NoseJob: Universal Nose Guard

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NoseJob Nose Guard

The Nosejob serves as a solid insurance investment that will increase the life of your board. 

We also recommend the drop thru shock pad to reduce vibration and increase strength:

When you lose control of your board and it goes flying into a curb or hard object, this often means damage. Sometimes this damage can be fatal or unfixable.  Prevent damage and protect your board with the Nosejob! Also features hardware release hole slots to prevent your hardware from bending during an impact.

Highly recommended when purchasing a new board. Made from highly durable composite plastic for numerous blows to the ends of your board.  Very stealth looking and light weight (2 oz.) with a dark see-through tint.


Install / Maintenance instructions:

1/4" longer Mounting Hardware is needed on the truck where a Nosejob is stalled.
Mounts underneath your board. Loosen your kingpin and remove it and the hanger, leaving your baseplate on the board.