Rayne Longboard Wheels: Greed 70mm 80a Square Red Core

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Rayne Greed Longboard Skateboard Wheels 

Rayne wheels?

That's right, finally something to ride these boards with! After 8 years of making some of the best performance longboards in the World, Rayne's Biggie Boss, Graham Buksa, thought it would be fun to try and make some winning wheels. Who doesn't like to shred a lot of new wheels? Right?

What do boards have to do with wheels?

Well.. everything. They complete each other. But in different ways. Bamboo and Urethane have very little in common, but the art and science behind making them awesome is similar. If you're Graham, you've spent the better part of a decade breaking convention making amazing skateboards and skating a lot of amazing roads. All those years and all those miles teaches you a lot about what works and what doesn't - the wrong choices can be the difference between winning and loosing a race, or maybe whether you hold out or high-side that slide. 

So Rayne manufactures wheels?

No, Rayne manufactures skateboards in our own factory, but we've only started designing wheels. Despite what you may or may not think, for all the many wheel brands there are only a small handful of factories that pour wheels (the best are in America, F*ck yeah!)