Retro Skateboard Wheels: Invertz 61mm 99a

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Retro Invertz 61mm 99a Park Plus

InvertZ are extremely versatile 61mm pool, park, pipe, and slide wheels.

This "invertible" wheel gives you 2 great different ride characteristics. The InvertZ "normal" position puts more of the wheel's contact patch to the INSIDE of the bearings, providing better traction and more uniform wear. When the same wheel is inverted on the axle (more sideset), it will slide longer and more predictably.

Our Park Plus formula slides the most when mounted sideset, and hooks up sooner when inverted, but definitely has more traction, lasts longer, and resists flat-spotting better than anything else we've ever tried. The Park Plus urethane is a bit more expensive, but those who have tried it swear by it.