Venom Bushing: SHR Tall Barrel 94a White Ronin

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Venom Bushings Ronin Trucks SHR (Super High Rebound) Formula Downhill Series

  • Enough for 1 truck
  • Exclusively designed for Ronin Precision Trucks
  • Venom Message: There seemed to be a demand for an inanely high rebound bushing, but there just didn't seem to be any good ones on the horizon.  The problem was, the other super springy bushings on the market were only super springy.  No damping.  Cars have springs AND shocks for a reason!  All the rebound with no control has a great effect on stability and adjustability.  If you try to tighten your trucks with no damping, a lot of the time the bushing just squishes, and you get no more tension.