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Zealous Built In Bearings ABEC 7

We at Zealous got the idea to make bearings a long time ago. We were tired of losing speedrings and lining up spacers whenever we changed wheels and didn't understand why we couldn't find a good bearing that stayed clean even with the more expensive ones. When we started the project, we wanted to keep it American made, but almost every company we contacted referred us to China... As skeptical as we were it seemed like the only option and so we decided to look into it.  We contacted what seemed like endless amounts of companies before we found one that could deliver a product that had the tolerances we wanted at a price we and other skaters would be happy with.


Unsatisfied with the standard low viscosity sewing-machine oil that everyone else uses, during the production of our first samples we set out to find a lubricant that would set these bearings apart. With some work we came in contact with Dave at a lubricant company called Archoil.  Dave was very excited about our project. He immediately sent over some samples which we forwarded on to our factory in China.

Waiting for the initial samples was brutal, but well worth the wait. We put the bearings with our new lube through every kind of riding and terrain we could.  Rain, salt, dirt, sand...  you name it, we rode it.  4 months later those first sample bearings are still rocking.  No cleaning, no re-lubing, no maintenance at all during those four months and they are just as quiet as the day we received them.  Needless to say these bearings, and this particular lubricant far surpassed our expectations.  After talking with Dave about our findings, we worked out an exclusive agreement for this Nano-Ceramic lubricant.

  • 8mm inner holes that actually fit axles like they were made for skateboarding, because they were. (so for those of us who have precision axles make sure you kee